Mariah Carey Sings 'We Belong Together,' Forgets About the Lyrics

Mariah Carey, mid-performance on her Elusive Chanteuse tour in Tokyo on Saturday, couldn't go on.

She was leading into the chorus of "We Belong Together" when her trademark butterfly microphone stand fell apart in her hands. The stand, it seems, tried to run for its life just before the hook. "Wait a minute," Mimi said, letting the butterfly piece rest: "I can't go on."


This gaffe comes in the wake of Carey's messy separation from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Nick Cannon, but at least Mariah tapped out while wearing a fabulous cerulean gown as her hair blew in wind. Shout out to Mariah's professional stage fan, the hardest-working wind fan in the business. If you're gonna be embarrassed on stage, let it be with a wind fan.

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