Mariah Carey and Her Sometimes-Maybe Man Friend Are in a 'Proper Relationship' Now

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What delightful news on the last day of this terrible year: Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka are no longer just seeing where things go — they are officially, one-hundred percent together now. Mariah!!


A wily source tells Entertainment Tonight that Miss Carey and her man are now in a “proper relationship,” as opposed to an improper one, maybe? Did they sit down like one does and have a Talk to Define The Relationship? Do famous people enter “proper relationships” like normal people do? These are questions need answers!

“She’s really into Bryan,” the source said. “He’s with her 24/7. He’s a nice guy.” Those three statements tell me all that I need to know about their relationship and I am very pleased. Being with Mariah Carey 24/7 sounds like a beautiful waking dream/occasional nightmare and if he can handle it, well! Good for you, bud.

What’s even more exciting is that Mariah will make her relationship even more official (???) by making Tanaka her “New Year’s kiss” after her performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest. It’s real! If you kiss on national television in front of Ryan Seacrest and his veneers and the eyes of an adoring nation, it is 110% real.

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Speaking of Ryan Seacrest, he got stuck in an elevator under the ball in Times Square yesterday. Getting stuck in an elevator is terrible but I’m sorry, I laughed.

Don’t worry, guys, he got out!

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Don’t worry, Angelina Jolie is NOT moving to Camodia.

Haha. “Camodia”.