Manhattan Has Declared War Against Sofia Coppola

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Last week, Page Six reported that Sofia Coppola’s latest film was “under siege” by a local florist. As the story goes, they refused to allow her production team to film in their location after the day rate offered was $300. The florist, Page Six was told, needed at least $2,500 to break even for the day. This was the start of her cold war with Coppola, with the bulk of her sabotage involving anti-Coppola propaganda posters directly in sight of the camera’s sight lines. And just this morning, a new development in her war against New York City’s upper crust has emerged.


Page Six reports that Coppola’s production team plastered a West Village block with “No Parking” signs, yet never showed up to film. Per Page Six:

The same film pissed off another neighborhood by posting “No parking” signs for blocks, then never showed up to shoot after residents gave up their prized parking spots. Seething sources said the production company for the film — starring Bill Murray and Rashida Jones — plastered some three blocks on the West Side with the dreaded signs banishing parked cars for Saturday and Sunday. While neighborhood movie shoots can always make parking a pain, this production found a way to amplify the ire of locals. “Not a soul showed up [to film],” said a flustered West Village person. “Everyone in the neighborhood was pissed, because people moved their cars.” The source added, “Multiple people — including [me] — called the telephone number on the signs, but no one answered.”

My biggest takeaway: Do people in Manhattan actually own cars? I’ve only ever assumed the rich, or those with parking garage access, could afford to keep a car in the city. I love that Page Six, working on behalf of flustered West Village people everywhere, called the hotline and had their call answered immediately:

When Page Six called the same number Monday, a person who picked up confirmed that they were with a production company but declined to comment or say whether they were working on “On the Rocks.”

The secrecy around a block of parking signs is worrisome. My instincts would have me believe that conspiracy lurks just below the surface of these developments. Was it sabotage by the florist? Is there a new, yet unmasked menace terrorizing Sofia Coppola’s film career? Stay tuned as this story develops!

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Sex bench owners and sometime-actresses Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne have “confirmed” their relationship via a “steamy clip on Instagram.” People, avid proponent of the Gal Pal, has finally acquiesced to the truth of their incredibly apparent relationship.


Delevingne, speaking to E! ahead of the annual TrevorLIVE Gala, explained:

“I don’t know because it is Pride, it’s been 50 years since Stonewall happened and I don’t know. It’s been just about our one-year anniversary so, why not?” Despite revealing that she and Benson, 29, had been together for nearly a year, Delevingne still refused to put a title on their romance when asked if the clip meant the pair were Instagram official. “Sure, I don’t like the official thing, but it’s a little something,” she added to the outlet.


I hope nothing but the best for the two, as their sex bench escapade was enough to cement their status as icons and pioneers. Benson, later in the night, shared a touching dedication to her girlfriend:

“I also have another very special woman in this room to thank and you know who you are. She’s one of the people who help me love myself when I needed it most and I really needed it. She showed me what real love is and how to accept it, which is a lot harder than I thought. I love you, Sprinkles.”


Real question: What’s the origin of Sprinkles as a nickname?


Britney Spears shared her workout routine on Instagram.


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Maxine Floeffler's Congressional Subpoena

I think everyone I know in New York, especially in Manhattan, has a favorite horror story about film shoots. Here’s mine.

After a long day at work I arrived at my building only to find a cluster of film people and the PAs (the poor PAs, one of the worst jobs in the industry, aside from having to spend time alone with Harvey Weinstein) and one of the PAs said, “Wait, wait, you can’t go in there!”

“Of course I can, I live in this building.”

“Well, you’re gonna have to wait, because...”

“I’m not waiting for anything. Look, I live on the third floor with windows that face this side of the building. You’re going to have to let me in after I walk over to the nearby police precinct. I have a very powerful speaker system and am an ABBA fan and have all their CDs. I think the mics might pick it up if I were to put on “Dancing Queen” at full volume. And in fact, it’s a warm evening, I might even appear at my windows doing my nude performance of “Le Sacre du Printemps.” Here, I can give you a litttle preview...”

The poor PAs. But I was let in without incident, and graciously kept my dog, who was always deliriously happy to see me, away from the windows for a llittle bit, but then it was time to walk her.

We emerged. “Cut. CUT! What are you doing? We’re FILMING here!”

“If you don’t get out of our way you’re going to discover what canine urine can do to cables. I imagine it doesn’t improve them.”

I didn’t think to shake them down for money though. And this wasn’t L&O, it was a big movie but I can’t remember which because this was 20-odd years ago.  I bet the scene was cut anyway.