​Man Slashes Women's Neck After She Refuses to Talk to Him

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A 26-year-old woman is in critical but stable condition after HAVING HER THROAT SLASHED by a man with whom she declined to talk. Police are still looking for the suspect.


On October 1, around 5:20 am, the unnamed woman was in the lobby of a building in Queens, New York, when a man came up to her and tried to talk to her. She refused to talk to him and turned away. He then grabbed her from behind and slashed her on the neck with an unspecified "cutting instrument."

Another resident described a similar but separate attack in the same neighborhood, via CBS 2:

"She got hit from behind," Carlos Iaje told CBS 2's Janelle Burrell. "She didn't know what happened, she just woke up in the hospital. That can happen to anybody, so you have to be more careful."

Once again we are faced with the brutal reality that a woman simply living her life is considered a punishable offense. That a woman declining to hold a conversation in the early hours of the morning with a total stranger deserves a horrifically twisted form of retaliation. That a woman who most likely had her own safety in mind (because attacks like this are not uncommon) when she refused to engage with the man, was slashed in the neck.


Image via CBS2.


Only a couple times in my life have I asked a woman who was otherwise a stranger for her number. My romantic/sexual encounters have exclusively come through meeting a friend of a friend, and something developing from there.

In one instance where I asked a woman at a bar, after friendly conversation for about half an hour, if she would mind if I called her sometime. I'll never forget her facial expression as she decided how to turn me down. Her face was almost the perfect mixture of nervous fear, as though she had been in this situation before and it had gone very badly. I looked at her calmly and said, "You know, you have the full right to say 'no' and I will not be offended at all."

She said no, and I politely told her to have a good night and went about my way. But that one experience really made me aware of the tangible fear and anxiety a lot of women have to endure only a daily basis in their interactions with men.