Woman Shot and Killed After Refusing to Give Man Her Phone Number

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A man shot and killed a woman and wounded five others after his advances on her were rejected.


According to police, 27-year-old Mary "Unique" Spears, a mother of three, had gone to the American Legion Joe Louis Post No. 375 in Detroit with some friends and relatives following the funeral of another family member. While she was there, the suspect, whose name has not been released, began pestering Spears to give him her phone number. She repeatedly refused, telling him she was engaged, but the man kept persisting.

A witness and relative of Spears' spoke to Fox Detroit about what occurred the night of the shooting:

"He said, 'Can I get your name, your number,'" Spears' relative said. "She said, 'I have a man I can't talk to you.'"

But her family says the harassment continued until 2 am when on their way out, they say the man grabbed and hit Spears. Her fiancee confronted him as a fight broke out.

Then suddenly the man began shooting.

"He shot her one time," Spears' relative said. "And she tried to run. And he shot her two more times in her head."

Spears' fiancee was also shot along with four other members of the family. The suspect was quickly arrested, according to the Detroit Free Press:

The gunman also wounded three women ages 23, 32 and 41 and two men ages 28 and 30. They were hit in the leg or hip and are expected to recover. Two victims remained hospitalized Monday.

The suspect tried to flee on foot, police had said, but was taken into custody. His weapon also was recovered.

The Detroit Free Press reports it is "unclear" if the suspect was charged; according to Fox Detroit he was scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday.

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