Man Rapes Unconscious Woman to 'Save Her Life,' Like That's a Thing

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Well, this is awful: 50-year-old Rodger William Kelly in St. George, Utah found his 29-year-old female neighbor unconscious on his front porch. In an attempt to "warm her," he tried to have sexual intercourse with her. That is not how it works. Ever.

Kelly brought the young woman into his apartment from his porch and proceeded to change her clothes. He wanted to warm since it was cold outside so he put her in his bed and "hugged" her. According to police, Kelly admitted to putting his penis inside of her. Court documents state "he said he did place it inside of her to try and get her temperature up" because he was "trying to save her life."

The story gets more bizarre:

When police arrived, responding to an unconscious person call, they said they found Kelly inside his apartment giving the woman CPR.

The woman later told police she thought she might have been raped and recalled being dressed in a pair of the man’s underwear and shorts. She told police she had bruising on her pelvic and upper thighs, according to court documents.

The hospital was unable to complete a rape kit because the woman’s vaginal area was cleaned while she was sedated, according to court documents.


Although the neighbors at one point were intimate with each other, Kelly revealed that the woman had said she did not want to have sex with him anymore. In other words, her unconscious body was not "asking for it."

The circumstances around why this woman was unconscious are unknown, but the reasons don't matter. Just because you find an unconscious woman, stranger or friend, on your porch does not mean you should rape her.


While Kelly might have thought that he was reasonably trying to help a friend, police told him that his action was rape. Kelly will be charged with first-degree felony rape.

Police: St. George man claims he had sex with unconscious woman to 'save' her life [Salt Lake Tribute]


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Elle Bound

Oh I know, I know! This is Former Relationship Rape. Not to be confused with Legitimate Rape or Date Rape or Asking for It Rape. This is the kind of rape where it's okay because at one point in time it was okay!

*curls up in corner and hisses at humanity*