Man Murders Two Women, Goes On Dating Show to Find Love

If you weren't wary of dating shows before, this story of a Turkish man who admitted to murdering his wife (intentional) and his lover (accident) on national television may make you think twice before downloading the fifty page The Bachelor application. There are much worse fates than Juan Pablo.


Sefer Celinak, who appeared on the show as an "honest person looking for a new life" was asked to leave the taping after he casually admitted that he had previously killed two women with whom he had been romantically involved. Celinak killed his first wife (a cousin he had eloped with at seventeen after she was promised to a widower) shortly after their marriage began due to a change in her behavior that sparked Celinak's jealousy. This murder was intentional. After serving only four years of his 13 year prison sentence due to amnesty (uh, okay, what?) Celinak entered the world of romance again, marrying, separating, and then killing a lover who refused to divorce her husband for him. This woman was killed accidentally when Celinak swung an axe at her.

Accidentally. When he swung an axe at her. But none of it was his fault, because Celinak claims to be a victim of destiny. Because if there's any victim here, it's the guy who killed two women and then decided to go on a show entitled Luck of the Draw to find a new girlfriend. Awful.


Celinak was asked to leave as soon as he revealed information about the second murder. One murder (only one!) had been cleared with producers and Celinak had been allowed to participate in the program because he had served his time (and because ratings). I want to understand this reasoning, but I don't know if letting a guy who killed a person in a jealous rage even once on a dating show was the producers' greatest idea. A complaint may be filed with the program by The Media Monitoring Group for not checking Celinak's criminal records.

Celinak has sworn not to kill his next partner.


Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

Well, on the bright side for The Bachelor, ABC can now say, "See? At least we aren't fielding double murderers!"

It's lookin' up for ABC!