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Man In Black's Name Revealed

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Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have promised to answer all remaining questions in the extras of the Lost season six DVD box set (out August 24), one of which has been leaked: MIB's name, revealed after the jump.


Samuel. (It's Hebrew for "man of God.")

E!'s Kristin Dos Santos hosted a Lost finale party, and was privy to some of insider info that will be released on the DVD. She said that MIB had a name in the script, but that the producers decided to not reveal it on the show. So that clears up that. Now who built that statue?


Lost: Want to Know the Man in Black's Real Name? Get the Answer to That and More! [E! via NY Mag]

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That's interesting. I mean, it's interesting to know that, but, ultimately, the show wasn't about his name or any of the other things people wanted to have answered.

I know a lot of folks are disappointed because they wanted every mythological point addressed. The trouble is, you'd be upset and disappointed with those too. And knowing them isn't going to give you all the answers you want, either.

This show was never, ever, about answering every mystery. It was about setting up a "world" where these things were possible. And it was about this set of characters, where they started, and where they ended up. That's it.

If you were watching the show for the mythology, you missed what the core of it was actually about. Stories are not just plot. They're about the people in it and how they react to it. What choices they make. How they change. Who they become.

I get that it's frustrating to have so much unanswered. Although I think most of it can be found by rewatching and finding the clues.

But when you think about it...the island was/is a place where multiple mythologies converged. Where many stories connected. Where some began and some ended. This was one of those stories. But the island was there long before this group of people landed there, and it'll be there long after. Because, like life, things move on. Stories go on without you.