Are you an open-minded woman who's ready to give things a try? Do you love to laugh/smile (maybe at the same time?) Do you have a high tolerance for grammar that will make your head feel like there are a thousand bees buzzing around in there, anxiously fighting for a way out? If so, then you may be lucky enough to receive one of these dating cards that an anonymous man has been giving to women "whose beauty was seen beyond what his eyes could grasp." I have to stop for a second, because just writing that sentence gives me brain cloud. There we go.

Over on R/cringepics (always a good time?), user Aru5592 posted the above picture of a card that was given to her co-worker. After handing the card over, the man walked away without saying a word—but we imagine laughing/smiling, crying, and skipping simultaneously, because that's just the kind of guy he is.

Here's some more information about this mystery man:

  • His favorite movie is Titanic.
  • He loves to work out (when he's not being lazy). I hear you!
  • He is straight-edge, which means that he does not drink, smoke, do drugs, or fornicate FOR LIFE. Hope that's not a deal-breaker.


Most importantly, he recognizes he is not perfect but seeks to improve himself every day. That's an admirable quality and perhaps he can start by choosing a better card (and then a better way of meeting women. Baby steps.)

I honestly can't imagine that he got this card anywhere other than Vistaprint, because I hate to think we live in a world where no one at the Kinko's he may have gone to get this card printed gently put an arm on his shoulder and took him behind the color copiers for a little real talk. "Dude, what you're doing here, just no. Have you heard of the internet? There are sites for this sort of thing. And you can get cards printed cheaper online too."


Here's the rest of the card:


Image via Imgur