Mama June to Get New Show If She Hashes Out Molestation Claims in Public

Get your go-go juice ready because Honey Boo Boo may be back on the air sooner than you think. Not content to let Alana to grow up with just a little dignity, TMZ reports that networks may be picking up another Honey Boo Boo show sometime long as the public can watch Mama June and Chickadee argue about who molested whom.

If this news is true, it's pretty disgusting. Sure, I'd probably watch a new version of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo which features Alana and her family being rich and having a good time (I love "fish out of water" stories), but, according to TMZ, this show would come at a price. Producers allegedly want Chickadee's molestation by her mother's ex to be a story arc on the show and are not interested in the family's insistence that they're working everything out in private.


The series, if it runs, and I hope to hell it doesn't, will also reportedly center around Mama June and Sugarbear getting back together and co-parenting. I could actually see them wanting to do this, but what effect would it have on Alana to have her parents get back together just for reality TV? Is anyone actually thinking of the children here? Because it doesn't seem like it. You have money, Mama June! Set up a college fund for Alana and move on from this whole TV thing. [TMZ]

Update: TMZ has not revealed whether the show would air on TLC or not, only that "producers" are "shopping it around."

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