Mahershala Ali Should Always Wear Glasses, Even If He Doesn't Need Them

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As I watched Mahershala Ali accept the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in your parent’s favorite movie, Green Book, it occurred to me that Mahershala Ali is the only man alive for whom the rule about wearing glasses if you do not need them to see does not apply.

Mahershala Ali is an objectively handsome man, but there is something about this silver aviator frame that takes that handsomeness and ratchets it up to a 12,490. Imagine tortoiseshell glasses. Those stupid plastic clear frame ones that everyone has but you still really want. Urkel’s glasses. More aviator glasses. The sky is the limit. Usually people who wear glasses who don’t need glasses are herbs, but Mahershala Ali is the rare exception to this rule. Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t need them! Even though I have no way of knowing if he does or not! Wear the glasses always.

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this look is an homage to denzel in malcolm x