Sit down, Madonna.

In an age of nude photo scandals and enormous Sony hacks, an album leaking onto the internet seems like an unfortunately normal thing to happen in the industry. Hell, people leak their own albums if they think it will drum up some hype. But for Madonna, whose unfinished upcoming album appeared online today, this was an act of terrorism, goddammit.

11 tracks from the album tentatively titled Iconic have been released, and while Madonna thanked her fans earlier today for not listening to the tracks which she stated are "unfinished demos stolen long ago," she later posted a much angrier Instagram, which has since been deleted:

Listen. I can imagine that it's very frustrating to have an unfinished work revealed, particularly as a perfectionist. But rape? No. Never. That is not rape. It's not artistic rape. Not symbolic rape. Just, no. A couple weeks ago she posted this:



This broken ipod is a symbol of my broken heart! That my music has been stolen and leaked! I have been violated as a human and an artist! #fuckedupshit


So I'm not exactly stoked on her idea of symbolism anyway. Sorry Madonna: your album leaking is not a human rights travesty. And as for the terrorism, LOL. Yesterday, Pakistan endured the deadliest terrorist attack in its history (Madonna posted about it herself). I shouldn't have to fucking say this but Madonna's 13th unfinished album leaking early is not a form of terrorism.

Honestly, it kind of just feels like Madonna googled the biggest buzzwords and vomited them on Instagram. Rape. Terrorism. I'm surprised she didn't include something about selfies, vapes, and I dunno, "me mum's car?"

Image via AP.