Whew! I’m a strong believer that we need to be electing more young people who have actual stakes in the future to Congress, but the far-right, fascist Ken Doll congressman isn’t exactly making it easy for me to hold that belief right now—especially as his parents continue to allegedly make his car payments.


You’ll note Cawthorn was also due in court earlier this week over a series of traffic violations, though it’s not clear whether he actually showed up. And as of Wednesday, his $30 million lawsuit against a friend for allegedly wrecking his car has been booked for an October trial. I’m not exactly the world’s best driver myself, but seriously, how are we still allowing this man to remain on the road, let alone legislating in Congress???

The general dumpster-fire that is his life right now also includes being chewed out by his own party for spending an exorbitant amount of taxpayer dollars at a luxury resort (ironically, fresh after a rant accusing Democrats of wasting tax dollars), according to the notably conservative Washington Examiner.

And why might members of his own caucus be feeding dirt about Cawthorn to friendly media, you ask? It all started with an appearance on a right-wing podcast, in which Cawthorn casually let slip that his presumably Republican colleagues were hosting orgies and doing “key bumps” of cocaine in front of him.

The pushback from his own party for narcing on them was swift and brutal, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) asserting Cawthorn had lied, and telling him he needed to “turn his life around.” Cawthorn has since walked back his claims made on the podcast, and made a handful of comically embarrassing excuses, including blaming “the left and the media.”


It’s unclear how he’ll find a way to blame us, this time, for his own horrible driving.

The walls finally appear to be caving in on the embattled Congressman, who somehow remained welcome in his party through an onslaught of allegations of sexual misconduct, and encouraging a literal insurrection. In any case, with fellow Republicans clearly digging up dirt and actively working to oust him, you’d think Cawthorn would, at the very least, drive in a straight line on the highway and give his party less material to work with. But alas! He is who he is: a snitch, a sexual predator, and a god-awful driver.