Macklemore's ACLU Promo Will Make You Cringe

Macklemore—the rapper who has the daunting, self-appointed task of being more socially conscious than all of the members of Arrested Development combined—has teamed up with the ACLU in a video that is maybe supposed to be funny?


Not since the fart blanket has a commercial been so confusing as to whether it's real or an SNL skit. Adding to the weirdness is that Macklemore implies that being a card-carrying member of the ACLU guarantees a person certain rights like gay marriage or abortion, which isn't really true. It's not bad that he tries, and he seems like a nice guy and all, but who elected this straight, white dude as The Ambassador of the Maligned?


Get the Card [ACLU Card]

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I just do NOT get the Macklemore hatred. Yes, he is a straight, white man who tries to use his influence to bring about social change. We get it - he is privileged! But, I'm pretty sure there are hundreds of other influential musicians, actors, etc. out there with very similar backgrounds as Macklemore's who are doing jack shit about social issues. But do they get any of this hatred? No. If you don't like him - fine, whatever. I just don't understand why every Jez piece about him has to be sooo snarky and condescending.