Lunatic Kitchen Nightmares Boss Singing Meow Mix Theme Is Mesmerizing

I. can't. stop. watching.

I worry for Amy Bouzaglo, obviously she is not well, but there is just something so absolutely charming about her meowing — I can't help it! I want her to succeed!

[Update: Did you know that Amy and Samy are now saying that their Facebook page was hacked? I agree with Burt Reynold's Is My Spirit Guide, it does feel like an inside job by overeager Redditors, but it was still glorious and in keeping with the whole theme of Amy's Baking Company Bakery Boutique and Bistro.]


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Rebecca "Burt" Rose

Laura, have you followed my stellar detective work on the case of Amy's Bakery? I did win a starburst medal for my investigative work. (For you laymen, the starburst medal is the equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize in blog commenting. I'm not trying to make you guys jealous, I'm just presenting the facts.)

I am completely available to Jezebel to take cases of other Internet Bullshit investigation. My agency is now up and running full time, with a healthy staff of assistants. Normally I charge $500 an hour to comment on Internet stories I think are "total bullshit." But you guys can pay me in Vodka.