LSU Bro Shows Class How to Seduce Women: 'Make Her Believe She Doesn't Have a Choice'

You know that guy in every one of your college classes who thinks he’s God’s gift to comedy, but he’s actually sort of a clumsy sexist idiot? Meet Brandon Dorner, an LSU student who thought a talk on how to seduce women (with the use of a blow-up doll, of course), would be the best way to win friends and influence people in his speech class.

Bro Bible, which posted the above video, celebrates the fact that Dorner’s speech is funny despite his “shaky” beginning, but what the video’s really doing is calling attention to how easy and safe it is for dudes to demean women in front of an entire classroom (with, apparently, an instructor present).

Dorner’s tips start out bad—pick up quality women at Whole Foods—and quickly turn to worse when he gets to the part about how to actually seduce women once you get them to talk to you. First up, “appeal to their passions” by informing them that you, too, care about important women figures like “Anne Hathaway and Betty Crocker.” Then, inform the woman you’re into that you “advocate women” to do stuff because you’re all progressive and whatnot. And when you’re actually on the date? Touch her constantly. “If you do it enough,” Dorner informs his classmates (many giggling with discomfort), “she’ll subconsciously think she has no choice.”


Even as “dumb advice,” this speech’s simple comedic grabs are insulting, and especially so to college students’ senses of humor. College is a place to learn how to be an adult and how to think critically. Speech classes, in particular, are courses on how to communicate effectively without alienating entire groups of people with your rhetoric. Dorner actually seems explicitly proud of his work here—consider what’s at the bottom of Bro Bible’s post:

[H/T Reader email AKA the bro who gave the speech]

Unless a presentation’s controversial subject matter is germane to an important argument, there’s no reason that something like this should have been allowed to go on for close to seven minutes. Yes, even if it was a “joke.” Yes, even if cutting it off might have embarrassed the student or made the instructor less popular.

But if the aim of the assignment was to become another viral idiot, I guess our man has succeeded here.

Update: The video’s been taken down at LSU’s request, according to a tweet by Dorner.


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My Uber driver the other night, noticing that i was going home from the bars by myself, tried to convince me to go buy a book online that would teach me how to get any women to sleep with me.

I gave him and his stupid fucking newsboy cap 1 star.