Louis C.K. Is Back, Baby!

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Less than 10 months after The New York Times published their story about five women who accused comedian Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct—which is a friendlier way of saying he liked pulling out his penis in front of women less powerful than himself (after asking!!!) and masturbating as they watched—the man behind countless shows I never watched because I was sick of straight dudes telling me how brilliant they were has been welcomed back to the stand up comedy circuit with what appears to be open arms! Good for him. Remember when he said it was all true?


Per the Times, C.K. “made an unannounced appearance” complete with a “warm” ovation at New York’s Comedy Cellar Sunday night, where he performed “a 15-minute set that touched on what [club owner Noam Dworman] called ‘typical Louis C.K. stuff” — racism, waitresses’ tips, parades.” Added Dworman, “It sounded just like he was trying to work out some new material, almost like any time of the last 10 years he would come in at the beginning of a new act.”

Just like old times, you say? Wow, it’s all happening just as we suspected it would!


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I’m sure this will be an extremely unpopular opinion, but uh, what else is he supposed to do? I’m not a Louis C.K. fan, I’ve never even watched any of his material to even make a judgment. I’ve just literally never cared about his act.

I’ve read about what he did, and it’s obviously terrible. The dude lost his show, specials, untold amounts of money, and any shred of respect 99% of people would’ve had for him. But, at this point, what exactly do people want from him? What else can people take away from him? The guy is trying to put his life back together, and let’s hope be a better person. It seems as if people want more from him, or don’t want to let him resume a life. What do you folks expect? Do you just demand he kill himself? Serve prison time? What? I realize internet mob justice is a bit much, but it sure seems like people just want blood.