Lost: The Complete Clip Reel Of Claire's Annoying Cries

Ever since crashing on the Island in 2004, Claire has obsessed over two things: "Chahlie" and her "baybee." Alas, "Chahlie" is dead and her "baybee" is always missing — and that's all she's been talking about for six seasons.

Maybe a dingo ate your "baybee," lady!



Umm... why are you all mocking an Australian accent? Do you think it's funny to poke fun at one of the few things we have left that differentiates ourselves from every other English speaker on the planet? What makes it so worthy of mocking, and how can you, Tracie, and all the commenters justify picking on a minority accent?

Not to mention following it up with that tasteless reference to the Azaria Chamberlain case. Please remember that that was a real baby killed by a real wild animal, and a real woman went to jail for years over it.

Mock the writing all you like. But do you really need to use a 'phonetic' spelling?

Actually - an addendum. I saw this article in the overhead featured article bar thing. And I knew, before even clicking on it, that it would be full of people mocking my accent.