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Lost Finale Makes Men — Marilyn Manson? — Cry

Last night's special Lost-centric Jimmy Kimmel Live featured cast interviews, "alternate" endings, and audience reactions to the series finale, including a few emotional men.

Marilyn Manson—a big Lost fan—was also in the audience. He didn't adhere to the Hawaiian-themed dress code, but was totally caught up in Lost fever anyway.

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Oh, and what was with that fucking bullshit of the "alternate endings"? Jimmy Kimmel went on the goddamn news promoting his special episode last night, promising—in all seriousness—real alternate endings. I stayed up super late to watch it but it turned out to be a big joke, with a bunch of parody endings. I was too angry to find any of it funny.

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I stayed up to watch Jimmy Kimmel last night and it was a total letdown. All I could focus on was Terry O'Quinn shuffling his feet in the fake sand/dirt they had on the floor, and Emilie de Ravin trying to sit on a box in a really short dress without exposing herself on television. I should have just gone to bed.