Looks Like Lionel Richie's American Idol Catchphrase Is 'Here Comes Da Judge'

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After a long and protracted courtship, the producers of the dreaded American Idol reboot and Lionel Richie reached an agreement securing his spot as judge for the most disastrous television reboot of all time. And everyone knows you can’t be a judge on a singing competition show without a catchphrase, right?

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Mr. Easy Like Sunday Morning has filed to trademark “HERE COMES DA JUDGE” and “HERE COMES DA JUDGE — LIONEL RICHIE.” Seems...strange that he’d pick a catchphrase before seeing if one will spring forth organically, but The Blast suggests he’s taking a page out of former judge Randy Jackson’s book and getting ahead of the vast merchandising opportunities that this horrific reboot will present.

Here are some of the things he’d love to emblazon with this unnecessarily aggressive slogan: belt buckles; g-strings; scented candles; shot glasses; lunch boxes; salt and pepper shakers; night lights; rugby shirts. There is much more. I still can’t believe this reboot is happening, but if this is actually a version of the Bad Place and we’re all dead, I suppose it makes sense!!


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I assumed that famous people had secret matchmakers that set them up with other famous-ish people, but as usual, I am wrong. Mandy Moore met her now-fiancé Taylor Goldsmith of a band called Dawes (?) on Instagram, and guess what, now they’re engaged.

“We fell in love before we’d even really held hands or anything,” Moore said. She also “met” Goldsmith after she posted a picture of the band’s album cover on Instagram. I was previously unaware that that’s how it works, but okay, great. Also, here is what Dawes sounds like, if like me, you’ve never heard of them and are wondering why and how this came to be.

Seems about right to me!

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Being Chrissy Teigen’s assistant sounds kinda fun.

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He totally missed the opportunity to go minimalist with the catchphrase: “Hello.”