"Look At How Funky He Is": The Best Teen Witch Rap Tributes

We're not the only ones who love Teen Witch's "Top That" rap sequence. The scene has spawned tributes from the likes of Alia Shawkat, Andy Samberg, Kenneth The Page, and the Totally Rad Show.

There was even a live sing-along recently at New York's 92nd St Y-Tribeca. Sorry to have missed it. In the meantime, these tributes were recorded for posterity.

Here's the fabulous Alia Shawkat co-starring in what doubles as a promo for designer Rachel Antonoff's spring collection.

And 30 Rock's Kenneth the Page. One only wishes for more.

The guys from the Totally Rad Show offered an all-male rendition, a stroke of brilliance. If only they'd rapped the whole thing themselves. But original rapper Amanda Ingber is um, hard to top.

I also wish Andy Samberg had actually gotten into the action here, but his straightfaced rockumentary schtick on Dudeitude is priceless anyway.

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Hazey Jane

You know, I had that stupid rap going through my head while I was making dinner. Curse you, Jezebel! ::shakes fist::

...and now I'm going to listen to it again.