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Lohan's Path To Redemption Is Already Being Paved

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With a sentence to serve 90 days in jail, probation until 2011 — in addition to intense scrutiny, tons of jokes, tabloid drama and talking head hand-wringing — Lindsay Lohan stands at a crossroads.


But Lindsay could be about to take the first step in pulling herself together. As Women & Hollywood's Melissa Silverstein writes, "maybe, just maybe this will save her life."

The rumors of her tampering with her SCRAM device or secretly drugging do not appear to be true; as the AP reports, all of her recent drug and alcohol tests were clean. But judges don't like it when you don't show up for court hearings — violation of probation is a crime. The upside is that being in a jail cell could give Lindsay a chance to breathe, think, reassess and plot. Time out of the public eye is a good thing; right now the world is watching Lindsay's every move, and the pressure has got to be overwhelming.


But is Lindsay a "trainwreck" whose career is over? Absolutely not. As said before, she's had a rough time figuring things out — much like 90% of people in their 20s. And most of those people do not live in the Hollywood fishbowl, surrounded by bad influences and ill-equipped parents.

Drew Barrymore was a regular at Studio 54 before was a teen. She started smoking cigarettes at age nine, boozing by 11, smoking pot at 12, and snorting coke at 13. She is now a director, producer, CoverGirl model/spokesperson and America's sweetheart. Robert Downey Jr. was arrested numerous times on drug-related charges, served time in California State Prison and went on to star in the huge, huge Iron Man blockbusters. Lindsay has the talent and the drive (she always talks about "working") to make a comeback. And believe it or not, the Linda Lovelace script, Inferno, is the right way to do it. The script is great — a rollercoaster of emotion, turmoil, humiliation and triumph — and there's no doubt that the character — who gets kicked around, literally and figuratively before finding her feet — is one Lindsay could do justice.


Even more promising is the fact that the filmmaker, Matthew Wilder, is "100% behind Lindsay." While media insiders and Hollywood types blab about her being uninsurable and a waste of talent, here's a man who says, "we are proud to have this remarkable artist work on our film." That kind of encouragement, in addition to a project that truly lets the former Disney star tackle some grown-up material, is just what Lindsay needs right now. Drew Barrymore attempted suicide at age 14 and made a stellar comeback. Ninety days in jail could be a blip in Lindsay's long, creative and successful life if she could just get into the right frame of mind, the right environment and the right film. It's too bad that instead of optimism, she's getting mocking and rock bottom jibes.


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I wonder if Drew Barrymore would have gone on to future success if her downward spiral had happened in the Internet era? Because I, for one, am ready to personally boycott anything LiLo-related just because of saturation. If Drew had been similarly over-exposed and analyzed on hundreds of blogs for weeks/months on end, I wonder if the public would have gotten tired of her and prevented a "comeback"?