Most of us have grown up with Oprah Winfrey, not as just some lady on daytime TV but as an institution. After 4561 shows she says goodbye today.

4:05 So far, O is just recounting how she left Baltimore to come to Chicago, interspersed with clips of her first shows. Here she is making chili with her first guests. She said at first there was no audience, which she realized was a mistake.

4:10 "Today there will be no guests, there will be no makeovers, no surprises, you will not be getting a car or a treat. This last hour is really about me saying, 'Thank you.' It is my love letter to you."


4:11 I dunno, I feel like this picture on the right is kind of a treat.

4:14 Steadman is in the audience.

4:15 The theme of today's show—and I guess Oprah in general—is "everybody has a calling." With an emphasis on the fact that we all won't get as rich as O answering our calling.


4:21 This whole show is like being in church. I feel like someone is preaching to me and all I wanna do is put slip a book in my missalette. There Oprah goes again, always making people want to read.

4:25 And now she's asking us to recall the things we learned in physics in high school.


4:26 She's going on a lot about "energy" and vibes (not the fun kind) and lessons like this one.

4:29O is spending so much time personally addressing and thanking people who have left her internet comments. She's officially better than everybody in the world, that she can always just focus on the good, particularly when it comes to the internet.


4:35 "Understanding that one principle—that everybody wants to be heard—has allowed me to hold the microphone for you all for all of these years."

4:37 Oprah explained that the entire Harpo team will stay on in the building to continue working on OWN shows, if you were wondering.

4:39 Oprah's parents only had sex that one time! It's kind of amazing that she just said that.


4:40 There's a lot of God and Jesus talk going on.

4:43 Oprah says that if she has one regret it's that she didn't bring enough attention to the issue of child molestation and sexual predators, despite the 217 shows she dedicated to the topic.

4:50 Oprah wants everyone to know her "new" email address:

4:51 She finally broke into tears when describing how she didn't really feel love as a child, despite her grandparents' efforts, and that we, the audience, are the loves of her life. Or something.


4:55 "I won't say goodbye. I'll just say, 'Until we meet again.'" Now change the channel to OWN.

4:57 After she was done speaking, Oprah walked over and hugged Steadman before leaving the stage. Now she picked up Sadie backstage said, "We did it!" and walked away.