Meet Jordan Smith: "Britain's most spoiled teenager." Along with thousands of pounds worth of "designer" clothes, he owns several vehicles, despite not being old enough to drive. (Click image for more pictures.) [Daily Mail]

His mother Suzanne claims that the cars aren't "a waste of money because it gave him the freedom to get out of the house—even if it was just to sit in it on the driveway with his friends." She wants him to be famous (for doing what, exactly, is unclear, particularly because he's left school and is attending a carpentry course) saying, "Jordan has star potential and needs to be noticed by the right people." So she signed him up for the UK version of My Super Sweet 16. Her plan for his 17th birthday is to top the lavish party that aired on MTV.

Of her son, Suzanne says, "Fashion is very important to him and he has excellent taste."