Lisa Lampanelli Is So Fat It's Funny, Right?!

Last night on Comedy Central's Roast of David Hasselhoff, each roaster ripped into not only David, but one another, and the "fat chick" jokes about comedian Lisa Lampanelli were not only excessive, but tiresome.


I know that the jokes on these roasts are super harsh, and I usually enjoy when the envelope is pushed in that way. But the stuff about Lisa just got boring, and her over-the-top reaction shots—like, "Hey, look at me and how good of a sport I am laughing at all this! My feelings are not hurt!"—just made me uncomfortable. Actually, her laughter seemed so forced and like such a display that I thought that maybe she wrote the fat jokes. But no. The writers for the show were a group of men and one chick.

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And maybe Lisa is a "good sport," and maybe she doesn't get her feelings hurt that easily. Or maybe she just behaves that way so that she can get away with making a Roger Ebert cancer joke.

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Some people are pretty comfortable with a very harsh type of comedy. I have a group of friends and some of the stuff we'd say together, well, would make alot of people cry in other circumstances. It's kind of reaction formation. It's a way of dealing with negative feelings.