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Lingerie Football Coach Sexually Threatens Player in Fun Promo Video

The Lingerie Football League — which recently renamed itself the Legends Football League and made a big production of women getting real, protective uniforms but those new real, protective uniforms look suspiciously exactly like lingerie — has posted a promotional video to its YouTube channel where one of its coaches yells at a player "I'm going to fuck you in the face!" Charming.


According to The Daily Dot, the coach in question is Keith Hac of the Chicago Bliss. He's seen here yelling and screaming at the players in a performance worthy of a daytime Emmy. Which is probably the point of his histrionics, but it's incredibly jarring, nonetheless.


Listen, I get that coaches are an crazy breed of intense, but this takes a definite turn for the creepy because he's yelling at a woman who's wearing nothing but her skivvies. What's even more amazing, this man allegedly has three daughters! Nice one, dad.

I'm scared to ask this question, but I wonder if/what Hac is paid. The players earn zilch — even though the league claims it's "highly profitable" — and if he's remunerated for verbally berating these women and they're earning nothing in return, I'm gonna huff, and puff, and blow this whole fucking sham of a sport to the ground.

[Daily Dot]

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Sea Anemone

Lingerie football is a sham of a sport, is it? What about roller derby? Just trying to understand when sexualized uniforms are de-legitimize a sport and when they don't.