In these ads for France's Valege lingerie, perfectly round and enthusiastic CGI breasts joyfully reunite in various scenarios. Because, you know, squishing your breasts together makes them very happy, as they're in a codependent love relationship with each other. Actually, it's getting kind-of unhealthy; get therapy.

For accuracy's sake, it probably would've been more accurage to make the back of the breast a mixture of muscle, fat, and connective tissues. Less sexy, though? Also, it'd be neat if the boobs were of various shapes and sizes, as those are the boobs that most benefit from a good bra. (That last sentence is courtesy of my freakishly large left breast.)


That said, the French should always be commended for their embracing of breasts; that they can air this on TV makes me want to don a baguette as a beret and ride a bicycle up the Eiffel Tower!