Lindsay Lohan's Lifestyle Site Isn't Doing So Well

How much is too much to pay for an exclusive inside look at Lindsay Lohan’s life? $10? Yes, definitely. $7? Hm, that’s a magazine, a candy bar and a seltzer—three things that will bring you more pleasure in the long run. What about $2.99? Seems reasonable enough, but it turns out no one was really all that interested.


Page Six reports that nearly three weeks after the launch of Lohan’s Kardashian-esque lifestyle site, the fan reception seems to be lukewarm at best. Using metrics that are good as anything else in this day and age, Page Six took a look at Lohan’s Instagram likes, noting that a post of hers on a platform widely used by millions of people routinely gets over 100,000 likes. The posts on her lifestyle site, which looks like an off-brand Instagram, are markedly less popular. Per Page Six, the most-liked post on her app is “a picture of her in an elevator with the caption ‘Hey everyone : ) .’” Fifty-one people liked it. Hm.

Here’s a screenshot from the site below. You’ll notice that the pictures are blurry, like porn, but that’s because I also do not feel like paying $2.99 a month to get access to “personal diaries, video updates, exclusive personal photos, breaking news, fashion and beauty tutorials, shopping guides, behind the scenes content and much more” from Lindsay Lohan.

Photo via Preemium
Photo via Preemium

Say you were a fan of Lindsay Lohan, still faithful since the Parent Trap days, and ride or die ‘til the bitter end. Following Lindsay Lohan on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc is your duty as a fan. Paying $2.99 a month for “exclusive” content that appears to be inspirational videos and outtakes of Instagram mirror selfies feels steep because she’s giving all the “good” shit away for free! Lindsay, take a look at your strategies and readjust. You got this. I have faith in you.

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Maybe I’m uninformed because i don’t follow any of these “lifestyle” sites, but isn’t the point of them to learn how to have such-and-such celebrities supposedly fabulous lifestyle? I offense to LiLo, but how many people even just following her life at a glance these past years would honestly want their life to be anything like hers? It seems like a a fucking sad wreck of a life, and this is coming from a 32 yo woman who just spent over 5 weeks in inpatient treatment and whose life is also, currently, a fucking unmitigated mess. But even I feel like if my life became more Lohanesque, it would be a definite steep step down for me.