Lindsay Lohan allowed Niecy Nash and The Insider into her home to film her condo, where she's hoarding an unconscionable amount of shoes, clothing, and other crap. She's not a mess, her house is. Got it?

This is gonna be one of those things that The Insider drags out over four episodes, but we'll take what we can get. Her "biggest problem," Lindsay says, is that she has "alotta stuff." Another problem, she says, is that there's not a lot of closet space in her home. Dear Lord, if you exist, prove it by having Dina move in with her, and then get Albert Maysles to film the results.

A professional organizer is going to come in and help Lindsay get her life—or at the very least, her guest bedroom—in order. This will mean that she'll probably have to be donating the lion's share of what's in there. Does anyone else have a feeling that we'll soon be seeing women and children in Haiti wearing a lot of leggings and one-armed cocktail dresses?