Lindsay Lohan Says She's Becoming 'a Bit Stalker-ish' About Trying to Get a Mean Girls Sequel Made

For some reason, Lindsay Lohan dropped by Wendy today, disappointingly devoid of that vague Euro accent she had adopted in 2016. On the plus side, she spent no time defending her defense of Harvey Weinstein, not that Wendy Williams asked about it.

The mostly softball interview with (per Williams’s introduction) the most-talked about celebrity in Wendy history was only occasionally revealing. Lohan claimed that her train-wreck 2014 OWN reality show, Lindsay, was at times scripted:

I remember the director they brought in kinda asked my dad to ad-lib a few lines. He was like, “I’m not doing that, she hears you anyway. She’s gonna know.” So it became more of a scripted thing rather than…until Oprah came back, and then it was real, whenever she was around…


Lohan said she talked to Oprah the other day, in fact, and was pleased to be able to say that.

Additionally, Williams asked Lohan if she considers herself “sexually fluid” since she dated Samantha Ronson that one time. Lohan laughed and said, “No, I like men.” “Okay,” said Williams. “Well, ya liked a girl at one point.” “Yeah,” said Lohan. “I was living in L.A.” She didn’t elaborate, so as to telegraph: that explains that. Oh, Lindsay, you’re so bad!

In her campaign for a Mean Girls sequel, Lohan said she’s “harassed so many times, it’s becoming a bit stalker-ish.” “I go to SNL when I’m in town, I go to Lorne [Michaels], run to [SNL writer/producer] Steve Higgins.”

Williams also had Lohan clear up something that’s confused people for years: the pronunciation of her name. At some point “Lowen” took over as the official way to say it, but today Lindsay confirmed that her H isn’t on some French coquettish bullshit and is, in fact, said loud and proud in the context of her name, which is pronounced “LO-HAN.” And if you don’t know, now you know.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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What would Mean Girls 2 even be about? They wrapped up the story pretty well in the first movie. I’d rather see a buddy-cop movie starring Janice and Damian.