Lindsay Lohan Posts Sultry Requests On Instagram for Apology From Ex-Fiancé

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan wants an apology from her ex-fiancé, Egor Tarabasov, and she intends to make him suffer as she waits.

She has posted a lingerie shot and a sultry close-up to Instagram, both with captions we can assume are directed at him.


I wager the hashtag on the second photo stands for “Not too late to say sorry.”

The photos are sexy and the captions teasing, but the reason behind Lohan’s estrangement from Tarabasov is anything but trivial. The two fought brutally this summer, and according to Lohan, Tarabasov tried to kill her after an especially vicious fight in their London flat.

“No woman can be hit like this and stay with that person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry,” Lohan said to the Daily Mail.

The former couple got engaged in September 2015. The nuptials were to take place in Italy sometime next year. It seems that the couple will not reunite—note Lohan’s “no boyfriend” hashtag in the first photo—but nothing’s certain. For one thing, Lohan still has in her possession her engagement ring from Tarabasov.


Only Lohan and Tarabasov know the full extent of their troubled romance, but from here it looks worrisome. Careful there, LiLo.

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Rihanna got some new ink on her ankle: a camouflage shark. And according to fervent Rih/Drake shippers, this tattoo is a nonverbal declaration of love.

You see, the shark looks identical to the toy Drake bought for Rihanna during their famed aquarium tour. Observe the stuffed animal to the right:


The connection seems likely enough, but is it really love? Drake is lighting an extra candle as he worships before his Rihanna shrine tonight.


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Tupiniquim - Our spin is DEAD

I feel bad for Lindsay. If she had any self-worth to speak of she wouldn’t be goading him into apologizing because 1) begging for an apology is sad af and 2) dude is a straight-up abuser. This girl doesn’t need an apology, she needs to forget he exists.