Lindsay Lohan Leaves London After an Intense Fight With Her Fiancé

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Lindsay Lohan had a tumultuous weekend, to say the least. On Saturday, July 23, police officers barged into the apartment she shares with fiancé Egor Tarabasov after receiving a call that morning from “a woman in distress.”


Upon arrival, the officers found the apartment deserted. They eventually located Lohan and Tarabasov and verified that both were safe. But on Monday, Lohan departed for Heathrow Airport without her partner. She was spotted wearing her engagement ring at the airport, although signs of severe turmoil are evident. According to sources, Lohan has even confided to friends that the relationship has taken a violent turn.

Meanwhile, Lohan asks that both she and Tarabasov be granted their privacy while they reach a—hopefully amiable and peaceful—understanding.


National treasure Kristen Bell doesn’t give a fuck how you do celebrity. She married Dax Shepard in the Beverly Hills courthouse in 2013 but only today shared photos with the press. She only takes jobs that enable her to stay close to her children. And, as Bell demonstrates in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, she eschews self-aggrandizement:

“I don’t deserve to be here,” she emphasizes. “I worked hard, but I was also at the right place at the right time. I’m really, really grateful for the jobs that I’ve had.”

And as for vying for superstardom, well, she’s not terribly interested. As she explains, the biggest fish in the pond meet with plenty of hassle. “I can still go to the grocery store,” she says.

Her primary goal is an especially admirable one:“Just to be happy wherever I am,” she states simply.


Check out the interview in the video below, and fall in love.


Kyshadow — get it? I do like the look of the colors on the far right.

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I’m not sure how or why I came to feel this way, but Kristen Bell just seems like a pain in the ass to be around.