Lindsay Lohan Might Be Headed to Jail

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It’s been three years since Lindsay Lohan, star of Just My Luck and Herbie: Fully Loaded, was ordered to serve 125 hours of community service. Since then, Lohan has served about 10 of those hours because she’s a busy career woman who has no time to give back to the community. So now she might be going to jail.

You may remember that aside from trying to claim that inviting inner-city children to see her poorly reviewed West End play should fulfill her community service due to the experience she provided them, Lohan has also had time to film a reality show and give a bravura performance as Elizabeth Taylor in a made-for-tv movie.

Here’s an excerpt from her best scene, which should potentially count as community service hours for all of us who watched it on live television:

According to the Associated Press, Judge Mark Young is frustrated that Lohan’s completed so few hours and has ordered that she perform them immediately. Melanie Skehar, the prosecutor assigned to Lohan’s case, however, is doubtful that the star will be able to complete over 100 hours by the May 28th deadline, even if she moves back to New York immediately.


If Lohan doesn’t complete her hours by the deadline, Skehar will be seeking jail time for the actress, which is really fair if you think about it. I don’t know how long Lohan might be going to jail for—and to be honest, I don’t think she’s going to make those hours—but she’s certainly had enough time to tutor kids or clean up a park.

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just do your god damn hours. fuck. it’s not that hard. i have clients who manage to do all their hours, got to all their AA/NA meetings, therapy appointments, finish school, and find jobs.
and no one gave them a million fucking chances (because they’re all poor foster kids or POC or anything else that isn’t a rich white person).
you have no excuse.