Linda Perry Wants to Make an All-Girl Band

Linda Perry, perennially of top hats and formerly of 4 Non Blondes, is scouring America for “the female Rolling Stones.” Could it be you?


The search Perry is about to embark upon isn’t just for fun, though I kind of like it better that way—it’s for All-Girl Band, a “music-driven television show” that, according to Variety, is being produced by both Digital Media Studios and Perry’s label/publishing company We Are Hear.

Perry is quick to clarify that she is NOT looking for the next Ariana Grande/Katy Perry/Fifth Harmony; only “authentic, timeless musicians who can fill the void in the music industry” need apply. To find these authentic, cool, leather rocker chicks, Perry will scour the country via “online submissions, surprise auditions and public events” in cities across the country. After 50 of the best musicians are picked, they’ll compete for the honor of being named the “All-Girl Band,” and the chance to tour, write and produce music with Linda Perry.

Setting aside Perry’s iconic 4 Non Blondes work for one quick sec, remember that Perry is also an accomplished songwriter and producer. She wrote Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful,” for instance, a song that I still listen to (which is sort of embarrassing), so whoever wins this competition is in good hands.

If any of this is appealing, I’m sure you’d love to know where to watch this masterpiece. Though it is technically a “show,” where it’s actually airing is TBA. For clarification, I turn to this statement from Darren Mann, the “marketing executive” that runs Digital Media Studios.

“All Girl Band delivers massive brand opportunity across a multi-platform ecosystem. Through linear programming, mobile-first digital platforms and live events, the search will create mass viewership and a network of experiential marketing potential. There will be numerous opportunities for corporate sponsorship and brand integration into both television and film properties as well as licensing, merchandising, albums and touring.”

I do not understand what any of that means; perhaps this is part of the journey? If you can figure out this riddle, you’ve already won. Good luck!

Senior Writer, Jezebel



So it’s basically another version of Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project which got cancelled because I was the only one who watched it.