LiLo, Modern-Day Rudy, Beats the Odds and Completes Community Service

Sometimes the snow comes down in June, sometimes the sun goes ‘round the moon, and sometimes a young and notoriously flaky celebrity with only a couple weeks left to complete 115 of her 125 court-ordered community service hours actually manages to achieve her goal. That’s right, everyone. Lindsay Lohan has pulled it off.

TMZ confirms with Chief Deputy Terry White that Lindsay—who has been volunteering at a Brooklyn children’s center—has, against all odds, fulfilled her community service duties by putting “in nearly 8 hours a day for several weeks without a break to get the job done.” (So like a normal job then?)


Shawn Holley, Lindsay’s lawyer, is due in court today to prove that her client has completed the full 125 hours, which were court-ordered following her 2012 reckless driving case.

As TMZ points out:

...Tomorrow marks a new chapter in Lindsay’s life ... it will be the first time in nearly 7 years she’s off probation.


Amazing, indeed.


Following his February multi-vehicle car accident that left a woman dead, Bruce Jenner is petitioning a judge to throw out the wrongful death suit filed by Dana Redmond and William Howe, the step children of victim Kim Howe.

“Jenner’s legal team notes that Redmond and Howe are 57 and 60 years old and did not live with the late Howe prior to her death,” reports US Weekly. “They were ‘not financially dependent upon their elderly stepmother for the necessities of life.’”


Thank you, Bruce Jenner, for breaking down barriers and proving that—no matter what your gender—you can still be a total asshole. [US Weekly]


Does it surprise you to know that Karrueche Tran found out that her then-boyfriend Chris Brown had a secret infant lovechild via TMZ? As she tells it on Real 92.3’s Big Boy’s Morning Show, “I was like, ‘Oh... OK… Ugh! I called him, I cussed him out, and I was like [dusts hands off].”

While her situation might have been less than ideal (or, in other words, Oh...OK…Ugh!-level traumatic), at least she can now put her forced rivalry with Rihanna behind her:

“We just dated the same guy and that’s kinda what it is. It’s always like a competition thing and they compare us, but she is Rihanna. She’s a pop star, she’s beautiful. She makes great music, and I’m just me and I’m growing and working into myself. So you can’t really compare us. It’s completely different, we’re completely different girls.”



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