LiLo Apologizes for Exposing 'Private Matters' on Instagram, Says She Was 'Acting Out of Fear'

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This past weekend has not been kind to Lindsay Lohan, and it’s uncertain whether this week will bode any better. After reportedly ending her engagement to Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov following a series of tumultuous—and even violent—incidents the actress (and/or others) documented on social media, Lohan issued a statement via Instagram on Tuesday regarding the aforementioned posts, apologizing for “[exposing] certain private matters.”


The reason? “Acting out of fear.”

The actress, who by all accounts left the London apartment she shared with Tarabasov on Monday, told her followers that for now she is “taking time for [herself] with good friends” after her break with Tarabasov.

The cause of the break was alluded to in a post Lohan uploaded on Saturday, in which she accused her then-fiance of cheating on her with a “hooker,” a woman who was later identified as Russian designer Dasha Pashevkin. (Pashevkin was seen with Tarabasov the same night the Instagram went live.)

Her initial post was followed by a plea to he Internet denizens to stay out of her personal affairs. Less than 24 hours after both posts went live, footage filmed by a neighbor was uploaded to Instagram, allegedly featuring Tarabasov and Lohan engaged in a heated (and potentially physical) argument. While police officers were called to the scene, after witnesses feared the male featured in the video was “trying to kill her,” no arrests were made.

“I was acting out of fear and sadness,” she continued. “We all make mistakes. Sadly mine have always been so public. I have done a lot of soul searching in the past years, and I should have been more clear minded rather than distract from the good heart that I have.”


LiLo concluded the post with the assertion her “intentions were not meant to send mixed messages,” and thanked her fans who “stood by [her] side.”

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Actor Daniel Stern, known for his role as Marv Murchins in the first two Home Alone movies, has finally risen from under the garbage heap of nails, paint cans, and birdseed after almost three decades, resurfacing on our Facebook feeds to teach us how to trap spiders responsibly.


Posted on Stern’s verified Facebook page, accompanied by a caption that is definitely not ominous, and definitely not redolent of any serial killer in Criminal Minds: “received a visit from an old ‘friend’ this weekend...” (“Dead things can’t be called, friends, right?” I asked my computer.)

“Hey guys, guess what I got in the bucket?” Stern says to the camera in the video—decidedly not attempting to lure any of us over with an imaginary Snorlax from Pokémon GO—while pointing to an upside-down orange bucket with a large piece of butcher paper placed underneath.


Pray tell, Marv, what is in the bucket? (“Please don’t let it be a spleen, please don’t let it be a spleen, please don’t let it be a spleen,” I prayed to a higher power in italics.)

“I hope I can show you without killing [it],” he added, alluding both to a spider he had trapped spider trapped under said bucket, and a famous scene in the original Home Alone, in which Macaulay Culkin throws a tarantula at Marv’s face.


The video was filmed in what appears to be a wooden, extremely non-creepy work space and/or tool shed, with Stern wearing flip-flops and no shirt, as are also supposed to do in this spider-trapping how-to, according to many experts, I assume.

Glad we all got out of that alive, guys.

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