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Like Your Ex-BF, Plenty of Insects Are 'Accidentally' Having Gay Sex

Illustration for article titled Like Your Ex-BF, Plenty of Insects Are Accidentally Having Gay Sex

Or, as many of us call it, sex. Hey, did you know that eighty-five percent of male insects engage in homosexual acts? About the same rate as my high school exes. Don't remind me. Ugh.


However, with insects, it turns out all this homosexual and heterosexual mating isn't on purpose. They're just in such a rush to mate before they die that they'll stick it in anything with a hole. Insert aging ex-husbands jokes here.

The thing is, bugs are in such a rush to reproduce - one of the strongest evolutionary drives - they do not take enough time to inspect their potential mate’s gender, often leading to same-sex mating.


“Insects and spiders mate quick and dirty,” said Dr. Inon Scharf of Tel Aviv University, who lef a study that found spiders and insects have not evolved to properly discriminate in their mating choices. “The cost of taking the time to identify the gender of mates or the cost of hesitation appears to be greater than the cost of making some mistakes.” So many more terrible, tired jokes to be made; gonna quit while I'm already behind.


Shutterstock/Brian Lasenby

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In the midst of a recent bedbug scare (false alarm, knock on wood) I read that bedbugs have a lot of gay sex. The male just stabs the female in the abdomen and ejaculates, so no need to look for a friendly orifice.

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