Like Many Americans, Prince Harry Now Juggling Multiple Jobs to Make Ends Meet

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Image: Peter Nicholls (Getty Images)

Stop me if you’ve heard this before but Prince Harry got a job. Another one. In the span of a few months, a man who walked away from an incredibly wealthy family now has two C-suite level roles. (But for years I could not achieve my dream job of becoming a Starbucks barista because I didn’t have enough experience in foodservice.) It’s not that I’m jealous I’m just stating facts.


Harry’s new job, which I would argue is more of a gig, is about as real-sounding as his first job. Aside from being a Chief Impact Officer at BetterUp, the Prince will now also be a commissioner at the Aspen Institute for its Commission on Information Disorder, The Sun reports. Prince Chief Commissioner Harry will sit on the board of the non-profit organization and “conduct a six-month study on misinformation on the web.” Ironically, the Prince will be on this commission with Rupert Murdoch’s granddaughter, Kathryn Murdoch.

I’m not surprised that he’s gotten two jobs I’m more surprised that these two jobs have absolutely nothing to do with his educational or professional background. Was Delta not looking to hire any new pilots? Imagine being on a plane and hearing the voice of a literal prince as you’re about to land at JFK.

The saga of a man finding shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch isn’t over, not by a long shot. Jensen Karp, husband of Danielle Fishel aka Topanga, posted a photo of foreign objects he found in his box of cereal after having eaten an entire bowl. Two of the items looked like shrimp tails. When he tweeted about it, the official CTC Twitter account responded that after they had reviewed Karp’s photo and determined that there was no way the items could be shrimp tails; they were simply strange clumps of cinnamon sugar goodness.

Karp wants justice. According to TMZ he is sending the objects he found, which he believes are shrimp tails and rat poop, to a DNA lab for testing to confirm what he almost ate. But first he has to find a lab willing to take on such a menial task. The company has pledged to pay for any costs incurred by this scientific endeavor.

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I don’t really get the snark about Harry getting jobs. Aren’t these the kinds of jobs most rich people get to stay busy and contribute, to find meaning and purpose in their lives? Harry clearly wants his life to mean something. He craves meaning, contribution, and belonging, just like most of us do. People with his kind of money and position don’t serve on the ground in a war zone- TWICE - unless they’re driven by some kind of internal need. He tried being a polo-playing prince and didn’t like it. Just because he’s not staffing the towel station at the nearest car wash doesn’t mean he’s worth the kind of mockery he’s been getting on this site lately.