The Prince Is Getting a (Definitely Real, Not at All Fake) Job

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Prince Harry has done the impossible and gotten himself a job that does not involve wearing military dress and riding a horse. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Prince’s new title will be Chief Impact Officer at a company called BetterUp. If you’re thinking that position sounds made up, then you are not alone.


BetterUp is a tech start-up out of Silicon Valley that focuses on personal life coaching for users. According to the company’s website, the coaching can be scaled from the individual level to coaching entire corporate teams all with a few clicks and assessment tests. The company also styles itself as a “mental health firm” preaching the power of positivity as a way to fuel change and boost productivity. It’s the Elle Woods approach to life, without the need for exercise videos.

In his new, definitely real role Harry will be “expected to have input into initiatives including product strategy decisions and charitable contributions, and advocate publicly on topics related to mental health.” These are real tasks for a real job. Despite having no experience at a start-up, no tech experience, and no background in any work related to mental health, the company is excited about their new “officer of the corporation” and welcomes him with open arms into this “meaningful and meaty” job.

An oft-forgotten fact about tennis champion Venus Williams is that she was the first woman to be paid the same prize money as a man after winning Wimbledon for the fourth time in 2007. Not the first Black woman, not the first Wimbledon winner, but the first woman in all of tennis, a sport that dates back to the 1800s. That fact stayed with Williams for years, she writes in an essay for British Vogue that published Monday.

In the essay, Williams details the ways in which she’s structured her business ventures—an activewear brand and a plant-based protein company—to give back to Girls Inc of Greater Los Angeles and how she spends her free time advocating for equal pay. One point she reinforced was getting men involved in the conversation, “Sexism isn’t a women’s issue any more than racism is a Black issue. Men need to understand gender equality is about equal opportunities for women rather than men relinquishing power.”

Despite the projected century or so Williams acknowledges it will likely take to correct the economic gap, movements toward pay equity in tennis make her optimistic. After “39 years of women fighting for equal prize money; more than two years campaigning with the WTA and an opinion piece in The Times,” Williams writes, women and men earn the same amount of prize money at tennis events. Maybe with a few more opinion pieces we can get there in the wider world.


On Monday night the most highly anticipated bit of celebrity news was made official and I know that you know exactly what I am talking about and are still riding the high. Grammy award-winning artist Bad Bunny, will be making his WWE in-ring debut next month on the first night of Wrestlemania baby!! The news is so huge and the match so important that Bad Bunny even made it onto the main Wrestlemania poster, a position that wasn’t even granted to his actual opponent, The Miz.


And because my beloved Benito is a star and has been bringing in huge ratings for his Monday night appearances, the WWE creative team is hyping up his beef between The Miz which is about a month old by having The Miz drop a diss track dressed as a rabbit and attempting to rap in Spanglish. If ever there was a time to get into wrestling friends, this is it.


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Harry is more than likely going to be a spokesperson for this company.

Or he could be carried around on the shoulders of a group of African men.

Can we cut him a break? You’re a blogger, Shannon. That word didn’t even exist until 1999.