"EXCLUSIVE: JOEY FATONE CONFIRMS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND JESSICABIEL ARE EXPECTING BABY NO. 1!" inTouch's headline breathlessly confirms. Subtext: Joey, you are so lucky those two already got married because you would definitely not be invited to their wedding yet again.

"He told me a while ago, and I kept my mouth shut," Joey told inTouch, subtly emphasizing his *super tight* friendship with Justin. "But now I can talk about it!"


Um... okay Joey. Okay. Whatever you say. We get it. You're in the know. You're not pissing anyone off. You guys are still tight. You weren't desperately excited about that 30-second NSYNC reunion last year. You're just confirming what's already out there. Good luck to Joey Jessica and Justin, you're saying. That's what friends are for.

Image of Joey and Justin Timberlake in happier times aka 2001 via Frank Micelotta/Getty

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