Lifetime Is Producing the College Admissions Scandal Movie We've All Been Waiting For

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In May, Annapurna Television announced that they’d greenlit a TV series about the ongoing college admissions scandal, in which a bunch of rich and/or famous people bribed their kids’ way into college despite the fact that some of those teens were already, like, millionaire Instagram influencers and didn’t want to go anyway. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lifetime is hoping to get in on that action, too, and will release their own Operation Varsity Blues television movie... at some point.


Simply titled College Admissions Scandal, the film is described as the story of how “over 50 privileged and elite individuals from across the country were exposed for criminally conspiring to influence the undergraduate admissions decisions at some of America’s top schools.” I just need to know whose playing Aunt Becky, and if she will have her famous crime hat.

Lori Loughlin is accused of spending $500,000 in bribes to get her two daughters into USC, and was dropped by Hallmark in the midst of her legal battle which, by the way, is still going on. The fact that Lifetime, Hallmark’s competitor, is about to make a mint on using her image is the best and pettiest situation I can think of. Please give me this movie, like, yesterday.

According to TV Line, Lifetime has shared the following synopsis for the special:

College Admissions Scandal will follow two wealthy mothers who share an obsession with getting their teenagers into the best possible college. When charismatic college admissions consultant Rick Singer offers a side door into the prestigious institutions of their dreams, they willingly partake with visions of coveted acceptance letters in their heads. But when Singer cooperates with the FBI and pleads guilty, the mothers who risked everything for their kids, must face the consequences of their crimes and the loss of trust and respect from their families.

Clearly, the movie will focus on Aunt Becky and Felicity Huffman, and there will be no better movie ever. Not even Cats. 

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Clovis Sangrail

While not based on the current college scandal, much of the flavor of this was done REALLY well by the K-drama SKY Castle prior to the scandal’s breaking (SKY being shorthand for the Korean equivalent of the ivies). Highly entertaining, funny, and appropriately scandalous. Given the usual quality of Lifetime shows, I’m guessing SKY Castle is the way better college scandal show.