Let's Watch a C-Lister Ride a Lap-Sitting Controversy All the Way to the Top

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Making the case for Brielle Biermann, daughter of Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Biermann (neé Zolciak) and stepdaughter to the long-suffering Kroy, as a person famous enough to qualify for top billing at Dirtbag feels difficult. But honestly, after assessing the bleak landscape of celebrity gossip, and also, the bleakness of this situation in question, I am faced with no other choice. I’m so sorry.

For your reference, I have highlighted the main players in this story in the image above, just in case seeing Kim, 42, next to her daughter, who is 23, was as confusing for you as it was for me. Let’s sally forth.

Kroy recently celebrated his 42nd birthday at a steakhouse in Atlanta, surrounded by the light and love of his family. Brielle posted a photo of herself sitting on her stepfather’s lap.


I’m not a pearl-clutcher about this shit in any way, as both parties involved are adults. However, many other people, including commenters on Instagram and Us Weekly, took issue with the photograph to create a controversy out of thin air, sniffing the wind for a hint of something sinister, finding not much, and going with it anyway.

Per Us Weekly, Brielle “clapped back”, but she really just said she sat there “bc i had no where [sic] else to sit we were making jokes the whole time about him being Santa it was comedy.” An iconic response—and a beautiful milestone for the Biermanns, who have spun their brief time in the spotlight on Real Housewives of Atlanta to a C-list celebrity status that affords them the privilege of being featured in a news item in Us Weekly! We all know how the world works, but sometimes it’s nice to see it unfold in real-time, because it just proves that we are right. [Us Weekly]

Just checking on Britney.


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trlrgrl (2)

OH LORD. I’m actually going to defend this family. (deep breath)

There is absolutely nothing at all about that picture that should in any way suggest anything gross or wrong. Their body language is completely appropriate, the way she’s sitting, etc. This is her stepfather. If you are seeing something else, then maybe YOU have the problem.