Let's Learn A Little More About Lenny Kravitz's Pubic Piercing

If you are an American woman, the chances you didn’t see Lenny Kravitz’s American dong fall out of his leather pants mid-squat are astronomically low. Regardless, I’ve embedded it above. But if you missed it, know that you need to pay better attention to current events.

Anyway, Kravitz’s penis and its accompanying ring piercing have been the talk of the internet for the past few days. Luckily, Mashable’s David Yi was able to get in touch with the woman who gave it to him to learn more about when and why and how.

“The piercing still looks happy, healthy and very sturdy. I was proud to see it still alive and kicking,” said Elayne Angel, the hero who gave Kravtz his pubic piercing as well as both his nipple piercings.


But what is a pubic piercing? Glad you asked.

“It’s where the penis hits the torso at the natural juncture where it joins the body,” Angel explained. “It hits the woman in the clitoris during intercourse. He’s definitely a giver.”

“He liked the idea of having [a piercing] that was in proximity to his penis but not on it. He’s definitely into aesthetics and how it looks. But this one also had function. It was meant to please women,” she continued.

It’s important to note that not everyone can have Kravitz’s dick ring — you need to have a few physical requirements. Mashable reports:

“One of the important things is tissue pliability,” she says. “If it’s dense and doesn’t pinch well you’re not a good candidate. A problem that many piercers have is that they aren’t putting them in properly. It’s not in the natural groove where penis meets the body. It’s the surface. It’s a placement issue.”

Angel suggests that if you want to get the perfect pubic piercing, you have to ensure that you have a wide enough space for the ring.

“There’s a natural fold if you look at your penis and lift it up you’ll find there’s a natural groove where the penis hits the torso,” she says. “It’s at the natural juncture where penis joins body. Lenny, he had a great anatomy for it. I see if someone is a good candidate by how I pinch the skin.”


Now you know. Also, here’s a picture of it in all its pube-y glory:


Have a good night, babies.

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Idk I just really can’t get behind this.

Dude accidentally exposed himself. Just because he’s shown himself or his piercing before doesn’t mean it’s ok to share this video of him unwillingly exposed every other day. I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me if I was on stage and suddenly a part of me I popped out that I initially had covered.

There are very few times that I digress from the typical Jezebel schtick, but this is one of them.