Let's Figure Out Some Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Tomorrow is Halloween and if you haven't already come up with a costume, you're pretty much fucked in the being whimsical and/or sexy and/or funny department. That ship has sailed. Let it go.

However, in the grand tradition of Katie's thread from last year, the rest of us still have a chance to be clever. That is the only thing that can save us. We must be clever with stuff we find throughout the house (a hairbrush, a paper clip, and a stocking — what does that make? No, really, I'm asking.)


I have a short 70s floral shift and I'm thinking of going as Fat Twiggy. Yay or nay? I just have to straighten my hair and put on a dress and just exude my natural sexiness and fatness and it'll be awesome(ish), right?

And you?? Let's get festive!!

Shutterstock/Vanessa Nel

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