Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s Sustainable Fashion Journey - Exclusive! | Episode #1 | boohoo

She manages to explain about 14 times that she’s excited to ask questions about how to live more sustainably and yet none of the featured experts appear to give any answers like “don’t support fast fashion” or “don’t fly private.” Instead, they say things like, “What’s challenging is figuring out how people can still live in this way where it is simple and easy and fast and fun but it doesn’t have a negative impact on people and the planet.” (I’d argue that in order to minimize that negative impact, you have to be able to sacrifice at least one of those things— simplicity, ease, speed, or fun—but uh, I guess I’m not an expert?) Kourtney plays her part as the uninformed but well-intentioned every woman.


The sisters are, it seems, in sync yet again. Kim, in her Interview Magazine Q&A earlier this week, spoke about the monumental challenge of living more sustainably, saying she really wants to make the planet a more habitable place, while basically admitting that she refuses to alter her behavior in any way that might help. But what do I expect from the Kardashians when it comes to climate solutions? Not much more than thoughts, prayers, and a 46-piece limited edition fashion collection.