Let Us Give Thanks to This Image of Trevante Rhodes In His Underwear


The stars of Moonlight, along with Mahershala Ali, are featured in Calvin Klein’s Spring ’17 underwear campaign and it’s a beautiful sight.

It’s also the most fortuitous timing, following last night’s confusion over Moonlight winning best picture. Director Barry Jenkins not only left us with a memorable story but a lasting shot of the film’s co-lead Trevante Rhodes in bed looking extremely hot and swoll. This body is a blessing.

The full campaign also stars Alex Hibbert and Ashton Sanders, who played the younger versions of the Chiron character alongside Rhodes.

And here’s Mahershala Ali shirtless.

Via Calvin Klein’s site:

In front of the camera, and up on the big screen, Mahershala, Alex, Ashton, and Trevante are, each of them, entirely luminescent. Now, in real life, they are all catching the light they deserve. On the set of the campaign shoot, as the day was coming to an end, and knowing that his group of friends and colleagues were soon to part, Mahershala looked around and said, “It’s only a shame that this isn’t a franchise. It would be so great to get everyone back together.” They all laughed. But he went on. “I did have the idea that we do a prequel, though,” he said. “It’d be called Sunlight.”

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