Let This Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial Get You Ready for the Reaping

If you've ever thought, "Hey! I want to look like an emaciated 11-year-old from District 9!" this is the makeup tutorial for you.


On the real, I want to know how to do most of Effie's look — because girl might be a mess, but her face is always on point.

[Katy and Katie]

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Ok this is RIDICULOUSLY off topic (I know it's not sunday social!!!) but I just got back to my apartment and I need some Jezzies behind me right now.

I was out with some friends playing pool tonight and one guy (who is not a friend of mine) played against me and won. I jokingly told him "whattttt I will end you!" (with a smile on my face).

He responded, "whatever, bitch. You're fat."

Fucked up my night. thoughts or something, please? I would like some feminist interpretation on this stupid comment.