Let Britney Spears Teach You How to Do the Splits

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There’s a genre of YouTube workout video dedicated solely to the inflexible amongst us looking to be less so. Countless bendy women and men walk through their stretching routines, assuring an anxious viewer that yes, you can and will eventually be able to do the splits, if only you just try. I respect their hustle, but the only person I want to learn how to do the splits from is Britney Jean Spears.


In yet another one of her encouragingly upbeat Instagram videos, Britney walks us through a loose stretching routine that features an attempt at the middle splits, an aggressive cat-cow variation, and then what I think is a downward dog sequence. Her dedication to the low-rise silhouette is unshakeable, even after all these years, and I appreciate the consistency!

I gather that there’s an accompanying IGTV video that shows the full breadth of Britney’s workout, and while I have already tired from my personal social distancing workout of eating a cheese plate at 9:30 at night and then doing two to 10 squats, I do not know if I’m ready for the heat that Ms. Spears is bringing here! But her caption is inspiring in a way that I didn’t think was possible, and while I do not share her enthusiasm for prayer, I admire her zest for life in what are arguably very trying times for everyone. My one request for Ms. Spears, should she be listening, is that she recreate the video for “Sometimes” on the grounds of her palatial home. Thank you! [Instagram]

Leah McSweeney, the latest addition to The Real Housewives of New York cast, is not quite a suitable Bethenny Frankel replacement, but because everyone else on that program is now just a caricature of some sliver of their actual personalities, she is a breath of fresh air. She also has tattoos, if that is of interest or note, and one of the tattoos is her own name, in all capital letters, in the tramp stamp region?

It seems that these tattoos were a talking point on Thursday’s episode, and so here we are, on Friday, talking about this tattoo because twin demons Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley unhinged their jaws to do so on television. While it is hard to parse the logic behind a lower back tattoo of your own name, I think the fact that Sweeney has the freakin’ Chanel logo on her hand is way worse! Please, ladies! Focus! [Daily Mail]

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