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After telling the award ceremony’s accountants to protect her Twitter account during Sunday night’s Emmys, Olympics fan and occasional Ghostbuster Leslie Jones met woman fan and [presumed] occasional ghoster John Mayer.

According to a tweet posted early this morning, Mayer offered to write a song about her, but Jones wasn’t interested. “I think he should have sex with me instead am I wrong,” she asked her followers.


As the world’s #1 hater of “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” I can confidently say she’s making the right choice here.

A reporter from People ran into Taylor Swift’s most recent ex-fake-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston on the red carpet last night and asked whether he and Swift are still friends. Hiddleston’s response was...typical:

“Yes. Yes we are.”

In related news: if someone happens to bump into Priyanka Chopra soon, would you mind leaning into her ear and saying, “Don’t believe his lies”?


Because, uh:



“thank you!”


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