Leslie Jones Asks the Emmys Accountants Why No One Protected Her Twitter Account

During the most stuffy, requisite segment of the Emmys—when the accountants fulfill their obligation to appear on stage to explain how the voting ballots work—Leslie Jones hi-jacked their speech to talk about Twitter trolls.


“We implement numerous precautions to tabulate and protect blah blah blah,” said one of the three white guys before Jones interjected with more important concerns. “Thank you so much, Ernst & Young. I really appreciate all your hard work you do, but let’s be real. Y’all protected something that nobody is trying to steal,” she said, and then made a callback to her experience with Twitter racists and the website hack that led to her nude photos being leaked.

“Don’t nobody wanna know about boring Emmy secrets. But since you good at keeping things safe, I got a job for you—my Twitter account!” she says. “Put that in the vault please! Y’all over here using your skills to protect Best Voiceover In a Sitcom. Meanwhile, I’m butt-naked on CNN! I just wanted to feel beautiful, y’all!” Indeed, we worry ’bout the wrong things.

Culture Editor, Jezebel



Leslie Jones is a goddamn treasure. “I just wanted to feel beautiful, y’all!”